Fundraising & Community Projects

We have two major Fundraisers each year at Turton Rotary Club, The Duck Race in Summer and Santa Sleigh in Winter. Now, we've added another one due to public demand - The Easter Egg Hunt!

The Annual Fundraisers - integral to the work of Turton Rotary

Over the past couple of years, we have two major events on the calendar; the Duck Race in Summer and the Santa Sleigh in Winter.

These two events help us to raise most of the money needed to support our chosen Local and International charities, organisations and emergency events throughout the year.

This time, we've added another event i.e. Easter Egg Hunt 


Fundraising & Community Projects sub-pages:

The Rotary Way

more The Rotary Way Footpath is a 2005 centenary project promoted by all seven of the Rotary Clubs in Bolton

Wrap-up Bolton

more Collection of unwanted coats this Autumn for the homeless and less fortunate community members


more Help us to support your local schools by donating your unused laptops, alternatively you can Donate £25 for refurbishment

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt (Spring)

more The Rotary Club of Turton organises a yearly Easter Egg hunt. Monies raised go to charities supported by The Rotary Club of Turton. Come and join the hunt! This year's recipient is Meningitis Now!

Christmas Sleigh (Winter)

more One of our biggest fundraisers of the year. Santa visits the neighbouring areas in his sleigh, bringing joy to children on the streets outside their homes on the run up to the big day whilst his able assistant Snowmen collect donations on foot.

Duck Race (Summer)

more The annual competition sees numbered plastic ducks, which all correspond to tickets sold, released into Bradshaw Brook. Money raised goes directly to charities and organisations. (1 page below this)

Rotary Shoebox Scheme

more Bumper year