Rotary North Group School Technology Tournament 2020

Wensleydale Rotarians, along with colleagues from Thirsk and Northallerton, hosted this year's School Technology Tournament at Catterick Garrison

What is it?  

 The object of the tournament is to give students an unseen Design and Technology problem to be completed in a fixed time.

 1. To develop students` interest in design, construction and technology.  
 2. To encourage students to develop their team working skills whilst finding and building a solution to a previously unseen task.  
 3. To encourage groups of neighbouring Rotary clubs to work together within and across districts.

Who takes part?  
 Teams of 4 school children from within the district. There are 3 entry levels:  
 Foundation: children aged 12-14  
 Intermediate: children aged 14-16  
 Advanced: children aged 16+ 

This year, not only did the army provide the venue and support, some soldiers from REME took part.

The task was to make a vehicle to be powered by a weight & pulley capable of ascending a gentle incline. A different incline for the different age groups. The teams get marks not only for the task itself but their planning and design and actual fabrication of the vehicle.


Foundation;-   Richmond School

Intremediate;- Bedale School

Advanced;-     Barnard Castle School