Rotary Council Still Working Through The Crisis

The Coronavirus crisis has caused our Club, in common with other Rotary clubs around the UK, to cancel all future meetings and events until further notice. Nevertheless, our Club's Council will continue to run the club remotely.

Callander and West Perthshire Rotary Club's Council holding a remote meeting using Zoom

In common with all Rotary Clubs in the UK, our Club has had to cancel or postpone club meetings and events for the foreseeable future.  For our Club, that does not mean suspending everything.  The Club still needs to be managed; plans for the future have to be laid out; and community help, where we can give it, in this time of crisis, still needs to be provided.

So our Club's Council continues to meet - not in person - but through the use of communications technology.  We held our first remote Council meeting a few days ago using a product called Zoom.  You can see from the picture what our meeting looked like.  A motley crew, I'm sure you will agree, but getting the job done, with no little humour.

Difficult times these, but Rotary will always find a way.

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