Food Bank Collections during the Covid 19 crisis

Our Junior Vice President , Charlotte organised the collection and delivery of food donated by local people and members of the Lamplighters to take to the Chelwood Foodbank

Charlotte lives in Cheadle Hulme and participates in several community WhatsApp groups. People had been asking her how they could support foodbanks and homeless charities in this time, but she was continually being told that the foodbanks only wanted financial donations, not food at this time. 

The Rotary club has  been supportive of Stockport Loaves and Fishes for some time; it's a registered charity which does tremendous work serving the homeless and disadvantaged people of Stockport. 
Via social media, Charlotte learnt that, sadly, their drop-in centre at the Olive Branch, and Loaves and Fishes sessions on Sunday evenings had both had to close temporarily because of coronavirus.
She also learnt, however, that Stockport Loaves and Fishes runs a foodbank, and that it's an independent one - i.e. not part of the Trussell Trust foodbanks so doesn't have corporate sponsorships with the supermarkets, or receive anywhere near the amount of donations as compared to the TT foodbanks.

Thanks to social media and the generous donations (of food and toiletries) of residents of Peel Moat, Cheadle Hulme (Woodfield Road) and members of Stockport Lamplighter Rotary Club, Charlotte and David (who is a member of the local Rotary eclub)  were able to deliver 15 carrier-bags full to the foodbank . The staff were delighted, and asked me to convey their thanks to all who donated. 

Great care and social distancing guidance rules were of course followed at all times !!!

Photo below shows Charlotte and David making the delivery.