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Wed, Mar 25th 2020 at 10:00 am- Tue, Aug 31st 2021 - 4:00 pm

During the pandemic support has been provided to Cohens Pharmacy, Benjamins Pharmacy and Boots Pharmacy with the co-ordination and delivery of patient prescription to the Ross-on-Wye community

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Lockdown-3 (05JAN21- )

On the 31st of March patients shielding was lifted ( ) and the Prescription Delivery Volunteer Driver Service realigned to provide Ross pharmacies with “on request only” emergency support

Statistics for lockdown-3 as at the end of March

Dispensary Summary Totals (03JAN21-31MAR21)
Drivers Allocated Locations Visited Ross on Wye Surrounding Community
61 215 118 97

Lockdown-2 (05NOV-02DEC20)

The service was available in support of all three pharmacies in Ross-on-Wye
The volunteer driver team provided the service on a needs-must call-out operational basis

Lockdown-1 (23MAR-01JUN20)

The volunteer driver team is made up of; Ross Rotary, Ross Lions International and The Ross Community Development Trust (RCDT) organisations

Some statistic :

Dispensary Statistics (25MAR20 -  30JUN20)
  Drivers Allocated  Locations
Ross-on-Wye town Surrounding Community
      255     1985     1272       713

In several cases, locations visited have also received multiple prescriptions
Deliveries during the 84 days of service (over 15 weeks) exceeded 2000 prescription






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