The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having a significant impact on the daily lives of everyone in across the country and the world.

Rotary is no different. As a membership and service organisation, we operate around on two principles; making connections and making a difference. Despite the restrictions currently in place we are continuing those principles.

Although clubs are unable to meet physically, they are continuing to do so via online platforms. And when it comes to service, Rotary clubs and volunteers have been taking action with collaborative and essential volunteer services to support those in need in their communities, while responsibly adhering the government guidelines.

We value your support, and hope you are keeping safe and well.


We are keen that this work of Art is available for people to enjoy and we are happy to confirm that the local NHS have agreed to put it on display. We also hope that the painting will be loaned out to Care Homes for residents to appreciate.  The latest photos show our Club President Alex and Ellie Goodare preparing the print for the presentation to Dr John Locke and colleagues at the Kirkcudbright Health Centre / Cottage Hospital.


The Rotary Club of Kirkcudbright are delighted that they have won a print in the Silent Auction of the recently knighted and inspirational Captain Sir Tom Moore. The portrait has been painted by local artist Ellie Goodare. The money raised in the auction will be donated by Ellie to NHS Charities. Rotary President Alex Kinnell said “I am delighted that we have managed to acquire one of the prints, we knew that there would be a lot of interest and we put in a bid which we thought would be successful. We are keen that this work of Art is displayed in a public space for people to enjoy. We have an idea of an ideal place but we will need to have some discussions with the organisation concerned before we make an announcement. The auction shows us that something good can come out of a bad situation. Many thanks to Ellie for her generous artistic endeavour “
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 our Club has been very active in many directions. We have been able to make a substantial donation of £1,000 as Alex has mentioned to the NHS via Ellie in the Silent Auction, along with a similar amount to the Woman’s Aid, Marie Curie, Heart of Galloway Food Bank and the Halo Trust.  £500 has also been given to the Blood Bikes. The Rotary Club also donated £500 to the Bunker Project in Gatehouse and £250 to the Kirkcudbright Development Trust Youth Project for the purchase of Activity Packs for youngsters who are unable to meet up with their friends during the lock down. Funding for the Activity Packs also came partly from Dumfries & Galloway Council and the Holywood Trust.  Love of Scrubs via Dumfries Rotary received £125 and the local representative supporting the NHS and local Care Homes received £100 to buy materials to make PPE.
Rotarians along with their Partners and members of the Inner Wheel have given many hours of their time Delivering prescriptions, Food parcels and running errands. Rotarians and Inner Wheel members have also been involved in the making of Scrubs, Scrub bags, Face coverings, quilts, blankets and comfort hearts. One Rotarian even baked some delicious Jam Tarts to raise money for Charity.

Rotary Covert Operations....

In addition to the weekly updates we have a lot of work going on behind the scenes involving many Rotarians and their partners....Their names will not be released to protect the innocent....but here are a couple of examples.    See the Photographs...


The Executive committee have continued to work steadily and we have recently made the following donations: Women’s Aid £1,000, Gatehouse Youth Group Activity Packs £250 plus a District Grant of £250, Kirkcudbright Youth Group Activity Packs £250 matched by £250 from Kirkcudbright Development Trust, Halo Trust £1,000 and potentially £1,000 for NHS Charity. This brings our total Club spend to £6,250. Allocating our money has not always been easy and I am sure there are many other worthy causes which we have not been able to support.


The Executive continue to beaver away donating money to good causes, so far we have donated to the following: Heart of Galloway Foodbank (£1,000) For the Love of Scrubs (via Dumfries Rotary Club £125), Blood Bikes £500, Marie Curie ( with a stipulated preference for Dumfries & Galloway £1,000) and Sarah Hanson for PPE materials for Kirkcudbright Care Homes and NHS making a total of £2,725. There are also a number of other projects which are under active consideration.

Kirkcudbright Rotary are pleased to announce.....Kirkcudbright Rotary is pleased to announce that our Executive Committee has made a further donation of £100 to Sarah Hanson who is coordinating the Local effort of sewing and distributing associated home made projects for our NHS and Care Homes. Local ladies are volunteering to put their expertise at her disposal, and our assistance will go towards items such as cotton, cord etc etc. Well done all.



For over four weeks now the Rotary Club of Kirkcudbright, under our leadership of President Alex, Club Council, Club Members and now the Executive Committee have been moving forward, albeit in very different ways than we normally do.

Our weekly meetings for dinner and business at the Selkirk Arms Hotel like everywhere else is no longer taking place ……but this is where modern technology kicks in ..ZOOM

Decisions on how and where to allocate financial donations, to maximise the best possible help to those most in need locally are now being made. Not only money but manpower made up of Rotarians, their wives and partners are being channelled in many directions to assist local organisations.

The Castle Douglas Development Forum…has thanked Kirkcudbright Inner Wheel and Rotary for their support.

£125 Donated to Dumfries Rotary for assistance in PPE type equipment. Here in Kirkcudbright local ladies, including Kirkcudbright Rotarian wives and partners are sewing up “Scrub Bags” and making Comfort Hearts which are being collected locally by Sarah Hanson. This is all part of Dumfries Rotary and the DGRI NHS PPE campaign.

With Steph's latest contribution of Hearts and Jen's latest batch of bags the ladies are on a roll.

£1,000 has been Donated to the Heart of Galloway Food Bank

“ A small group of Kirkcudbright Rotarians and their wives, some of whom are Inner Wheel members, working in household pairs, have been delivering prescriptions from local pharmacies to Kirkcudbright residents who are unable to get out to the pharmacies. Started 28 March 2020. To date, they have delivered 80 prescriptions, as well as helping with posting letters, paying bills etc. We’ve also delivered 10 food parcels from Heart of Galloway Food Bank to Kirkcudbright addresses.”  
This comes under the Coronavirus Community Help Group, who coordinate peoples requirements such as Dr Mike Moore’s prescription delivery service etc. who helped by his wife Steph, Gavin and Sheila Scott, Paul and Mary Tebay and Peter and Ruth McMorran, ensures medication gets through.

Very shortly The Executive Committee will announce further financial donations.