Youth Service/ Lockdown experience

Two members of the Interact Club of Sandbach write their experiences under the Lockdown.

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Lockdown experiences of two members

of the Interact Club at the Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College.

Gace Fear (Year 7)

"Me and my family haven`t been impacted so badly. We are staying at home to stay safe and have plenty of food and drink.

I miss seeing my grandparents who are in isolation.

I miss going to school and seeing my friends each day who I haven’t 

seen them for over three weeks.

I don`t really like this virus as so many people have died from it.

It is sad that lots of people are dying but the Prime Minister is trying to stop the virus from spreading.

I am happy that the NHS are here for us if we became ill and that the  

doctors and nurses are working hard to make people better."

 Melissa Howard (Year 11)

The overall effect of the Coronavirus on me hasn`t been too big, other than my GCSEs. I`d studied hard for them and when they were cancelled I was devastated. However, I have been told that if I am not happy with my predicted grades I can sit exams in the Autumn, so I am revising once again.

We now shop for my grandma as well as ourselves, but sometimes this can be tricky, because for a few weeks we couldn`t buy bread. Now the shelves in shops seem to be going back to normal as people are stopping panic-buying.

As I look out of my window I see lots of people running or cycling, and everyone seems to be getting fit and enjoying the fresh air. I feel very lucky to have a garden and I enjoy exercising in it, but I don`t go any further because I don`t want to risk anything.

Despite this being a worrying and unusual time, it is nice to see people coming together, clapping every week for the NHS and helping those in need.

Stay safe

Kindest regards to all