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This list includes recommendations by Rotary clubs in District 1200 plus links to videos and speaker list from RIBI

Childrens Hospice South West 

Providing hospice care for children with life-limiting conditions and their whole family. Respite and short breaks, emergency care, palliative care and end of life care at three wonderful children's hospices; Little Bridge House in Devon, Charlton Farm in Somerset and Little Harbour in Cornwall.

Contact:  Frances Kenneally 
Tel:  01275 866600 
Email:  frances.kenneally@CHSW.org.uk 
Web Site:  

Recommended by Frome Town Rotary


Global Sight Solutions (originally The Guildford Rotary Eye Project)

Global Sight Solutions' mission is to provide free eye care and eye surgery to the very poor in the developing world.  Nearly all involved are volunteers or medical professionsl sympathetic to the aims of Global Sight Solutions. 

Contact John Miles 
Tel: 01483481856 
Email: john.miles13@btinternet.com
Web site: https://www.globalsightsolutions.org/    

Recommended by Dr Yinka Osoba, Yeovil Club. 


Great Lakes Outreach

GLO works mainly in war-torn Burundi, Central Africa. They have developed a network of phenomenal local leaders working in education, healthcare, community outreach and more. There are many inspirational stories coming out of this work, which are deeply encouraging to hear. And their Founder, Simon Guillebaud MBE loves sharing in any context, so do invite him!

Contact: Simon Guillebaud
Tel: 07895 912839
Website: www.greatlakesoutreach.org

Recommended by David Lewis , Rotary Club of Taunton 


Mercy Ships 

Two-thirds of the world’s population cannot get access to safe surgery when they need it. As a result, 18 million people die every year from conditions requiring surgery. This is higher than the number who die from TB, malaria and HIV/Aids combined. Mercy Ships is working to tackle this crisis. We operate the largest charity-run hospital ship in the world, delivering free, safe medical care to some of the world’s least-developed countries. This floating hospital is staffed almost entirely by volunteers.

Click here to book a speaker  


Service Dogs UK    

Service Dogs UK is a South Coast based charity which aims to partner rescue dogs with veterans of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services who have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  They have opened a new South West hub in Somerton and West Camel.  

To find out more go to thier web site www.servicedogsuk.org or
Email:  getintouch@servicedogsuk.org


Shelter Box 

Global travel restrictions have made the work of Shelter Box challenging this year. But their links with local partners, combined with their storage of shelter materials and tools in locations globally, means they have still been able to get shelter to the families who need it most.   

Our District ShelterBox Coordinator is happy to talk to you about the work ShelterBox is doing at the moment. Dowload the latest newsletter here Shelterbox_letter_to_all_clubs.pdf

Contact:  Hugh Deed
Email:   hughdeed@shelterbox.org
Web Site: https://shelterbox.org

South West Regional Organised Crime Unit (SWROCU)

Regional Fraud Protection Advisor employed by South West Regional Organised Crime Unit. (SWROCU) servicng all police force areas of the South West of England.   Check their web site form more information.  

Email:   ashley.jones@avonandsomerset.police.uk

Web site:  https://www.swrocu.police.uk/


The Rotary Foundation 

Find out more about Rotary Grants and the way Rotary Foundation works from our own TRF Team Leader.  David provides a very practical and easy to understand presentation on the connection between our TRF contributions and the grants available.  

Contact.  David Perkins
Tel: 01380 830898  
Email:  davedee.perkins@sky.com 
Web Site:   


Download David's excellent seminar presentation on the Rotary Foundation originally shown in Zoom meeting on 22nd & 23rd May 2020  

Recommended by District 1200


Water Survival Box

Started by Chelwood Bridge Rotary in 2006, thsi project provides rapid response for families who have nhot acces to safe driking water and have lost their homes and possession.  Management of the project and the practical work involved is all done by volunteers from Rotary, Inner Wheel, Schools, and local community groups. In this way every pound donated is converted into Water Survival boxes or helps pay for the cost of air freight.

Contact:  Tony Quinn
Tel:   01761 419328
Email:   rotariantony@icloud.com 
Web Site: http://watersurvivalbox.org/index.html

Recommended by Chelwood Bridge Rotary


WellBoring: Where there's a will, there's a well

WellBoring are fixing one of the world’s big problems: access to safe water.Having drilled more than 130 groundwater wells in rural primary schools in Kenya and beyond, we are using our expertise, experience, and drive to make a real impact in the world.

Our wells last for years, they are cost-effective, they change lives.

Contact:  Nigel Linacre 
Tel:  07850 996856  
Email nigel@wellboring.org
Web Site:  https://www.wellboring.org/

Recommended by Chippenham Rotary


Speaker List from RIBI.    https://www.rotarygbi.org/media/members/2020/10/Speakers-List-Issue-10-1.pdf


Videos on the RIBI website.

Hamburg Convention videos  https://vimeopro.com/rotary/hamburg-international-convention

Together Talks on the RIBI You Tube channel   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMQZB7LNVoqLDBmjE8oPiLA



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We cooperate with Glastonbury & Street Rotary Club to sponsor children from Street Schools. In 2018 we also took 33 children from The Mendip School


The African education charity was founded in January 2003 by Matt Crowcombe, an 18 year old student from Shepton Mallet, Somerset and South African school teacher Rotarian Henry Matthews from Rotary Club of Mafikeng


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