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Inspired by Kew Rotary Club, we have decided to show online images of all the banners we have received over the years

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Over the years we have been given many, many club banners by visiting Rotarians, or when our members have visited other Rotary clubs.  What to do with them though?  Well, like many clubs we have assiduously put them on display at all club meetings.  Not always an easy task, but the right thing to do, we felt.  However, in recent times we have moved to a smaller venue and frankly, there is not enough room to put them up.

Fortunately, our current President, Mike Kay, whilst whiling away some time browsing the internet, came across Kew Gardens Rotary Club's website and was inspired by their practice of displaying digital images of the banners they have received.  With no shame whatsoever, President Mike proposed that we do similarly and so we present our digital banner gallery.

They are by no means all up yet.  That is a task that will take some time to complete - not quite of Augean Stables proportions, but big nevertheless.  So, if you're interested, keep coming back to see the latest additions.

By clicking on the 'Show Related Pages' button above, you will be able to select which banners you view by country.  Simply click on the page with the appropriate letter of the alphabet.  

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