Midlands Community Draw 2020

Information about the sale of Draw tickets via the website and how to do it.

Midlands Community Draw 2020 

Sale of Draw Tickets via the website 

In the face of the COVID-19 virus situation, we have been seeking a way to make our Draw tickets available on-line. 

After extensive consultation with the Gambling Commission we have a viable scheme that allows us and all our Good Causes to sell tickets in this year’s Draw via our website.

Our current licence only permits on-line sales that meet two strict limitations: (i) Individual single purchases must not exceed £20 and (ii) payment must be by cheque. 

So, the decision has been taken to offer tickets for sale through the website with Charles Pegman handling the internet and ticket processing (as is already the case for the website and our tickets) and Solihull Rotary Club handling the cheques. It may not be the ideal solution but it is workable and enables us to offer an additional sales outlet to the Good Causes that we are supporting. 

The order quantities available through this service are 8, 12 16 or 20 tickets.

Method of operation 

The general method to access the on-line ordering is via our website:


For general public accessing via the website 

A new page has been added called “Buy Tickets”. This allows the visitor to choose which of our good causes they wish to support. Either choose “Buy Tickets” from the menu or use the link:


For Rotary Clubs and their supporters 

There is also a link on the “Buy Tickets” page to a specific page for those who wish to support one of the Rotary Clubs. Either choose the link from the “Buy Tickets” page or go there direct using this link:


For Good Causes and their supporters 

Good Causes will, no doubt, be keen to offer the on-line purchase capability to their supporters (without the visitor to our site being presented with a screen showing all their “competition”). A specific, URL (web address) is available for each Good Cause to use. 

Typically, they would incorporate this as a link in their own publicity material and it will take the purchaser straight to the ordering screen - bypassing the selection page. Please bring this to the attention of your Good Causes. If they are interested in setting this up, ask them to email Charles Pegman (charlespegman@aol.com) to get this set up.


  1. Log into website by one of the links from above method: this will take you to the order form 
  2. Complete the Order Form and submit. 
  3. You will then receive, via email, an invoice which will detail your order and give instructions for payment. 
  4. Send a cheque for the amount owed (£1 per ticket) and mail it to :- Rotary Club of Solihull c/o Martin Saunders at the address given 
  5. When the cheque is received the tickets will be printed with the beneficiaries Logo and Name (just like the tickets that have already been issued to Good Causes).and mailed to the address on the order form. 
  6. The ticket stubs will be completed during the printing process and retained for the Draw 
  7. The 80p per ticket due to the beneficiaries will accumulate as sales are recorded. This money can be remitted to the Good Cause as required in tranches of £100 
  8. At the end of the draw, a separate Receipt Declaration will be provided to each Good Cause that has sold tickets on-line. This will need to be completed alongside their Declaration for their regular paper ticket sale.

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