President 2020-2021 Dr Mike Moore

President 2020-2021 Dr Mike Moore

HANDOVER B B Q  - 2020

President 2020-2021 Dr Mike Moore

I’d like to begin by thanking Alex for all that he has done for the Club during his Presidential year, in particular during the current Coronavirus crisis. I’ve seen, at first hand, the amount of time and effort he has given in order to steer us through this difficult period. In particular, I’m extremely proud of the Club’s response to the crisis in terms of the support given to our local community and local causes but also to national and international COVID 19 operations. Alex has been at the centre of all of this. 

For me, it’s a real privilege to become President of Kirkcudbright Rotary Club. I’ve been associated with the club since the mid 90s, although not continuously.  Not exactly the circumstances I’d envisaged when elected Junior Vice all those years ago!  But we are now starting to emerge from the pretty severe restrictions we’ve been living with. Our charity funds are largely depleted and opportunities for raising substantial funds are going to be limited for some time to come. But we’ve survived; we have a little money in the bank and we’ve even had a few meetings courtesy of Zoom. Most of our members have committed to renewing their memberships and we have the prospect of the Selkirk reopening in a couple of weeks. 

I think it’s likely that it will take a number of weeks for us to be sufficiently reassured as to be able to start holding meetings in person again, but I have had some tentative discussions with the Selkirk management and I know they are keen to facilitate our return when we are ready.  We’ll have to see how things develop. 

So, let’s start the new Rotary year in a positive frame of mind. I assure you that I will do everything I can to help make it a successful year.  I also promise that I will strive never to use the word “unprecedented” again. 

Thank you.

Mike Moore

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