Club Service/Membership

Responsibilities of this committee in our club.

Welcome to the Club Service Committee area.  This committee manages the meetings, social events, and administration of the Club.   Chaired by the Vice President it consists of the Secretary, the Treasurer, and a number of other members.   This is the “engine room” of the Club.  It focuses on 3 principle areas, Meetings, Management and Membership (3M).

 Meetings – It organises Club meetings in advance and manages the Clubs diary of events.  Our meetings may consist of dealing with Rotary business, listening to an outside speaker or visiting Rotary member, enjoying a quiz or other “light-hearted” event or in normal times making a visit elsewhere.  At present Zoom is prevalent but hopefully we will return at some point to having some dinner meetings which are a combination of social interaction and business.  It also organises other social events for family and friends to enjoy as well as Rotarians.

 Management - It ensures the Club is run in accordance with Rotary in Britain & Ireland (Rotary GB&I) rules and that all statutory requirements are met.  The Treasurer ensures the accounts are well managed, income and expenditure is accurately recorded,  and that Charity Commission requirements are met.  Regular financial statements are presented to Club members for scrutiny.

 Membership -  The strength of a Club is the membership.  Members are essential for us to do what Rotary enjoys doing, serving the local community and beyond as well as enjoying fellowships and developing new friendships.  New Members are the life blood of a Club bringing in new ideas, energy, and motivation. 

 Members come and go for many reasons so we need to replenish.  There is a real need for you to bring your interests, enthusiasm and wish to “put back” to our midst.  Come and visit us (at the moment on Zoom!), have a chat and see if Rotary can add to your future. 

You want to know more?  Contact me via the membership link on the Web Site.

 Kind regards

Vice President Brian Hagley


Carshalton Park Rotary is very new in Rotary Club terms having only been formed in 2015.  However, its heritage goes back to the 90+ year old Carshalton Club and the 36 year old Carshalton Beeches Club.   From them we have drawn the best in membership and tradition but are proud to be forging our own identity and moving forward with new ideas and initiatives.

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