/ Sandbach Town Mayor

This is an award given to the Town Mayor for the work they do to improve the life of people of Sandbach.


Honour the Mayor

Every year we have been honouring Sandbach Town Mayor with an honorary membership of our club in appreciation of the service he/she gives to people of Sandbach.

The new Mayor Mr. Geraint Price Jones  has been invited to become an honorary member of our club during his period of office and he has accepted. 

He attended a meeting of the Club, by Zoom, on 27th July where he said that, as a teacher of computer science, he hoped to be able to organise support in the community for those people who are using their computers to keep in touch with family, friends and fellow members of voluntary organisations. 

Geraintt Price Jones was elected Mayor of Sandbach at a meeting of town councillors via zoom on the 11th of June. In his acceptance speech he said that his personal plans and goals for the year had been put on hold as the community of Sandbach faced the need to rebuild after the Covid-19 pandemic.  

He said that he would endeavour to keep the Town Council moving forward to continue the good work being done in the town hall, the markets and other areas of responsibility in the town. He also wishes to reach out to local organisations and individuals who work for the good of the town to offer them support. 

His nominated charities for the year are Leighton Hospital Children’s Ward; Teenage Youth Cancer Trust; and Mental Health Provision for Youth. 

Rtn. John Higgins (Publicity Officer)