International & Foundation Committee

Our aim is to organize projects and fundraising events that will be of benefit to those people abroad in the greatest need; not only following national disasters but also regional projects and global Rotary initiatives such as Polio Eradication.

International & Foundation Committee.

August 2020.


The International Committee covers a very wide range of projects, so of necessity, I will be brief with the descriptions. This year our latest project will be to raise funds to assist The Virtual Doctors project. This provides assistance to medical centers in remote areas of Malawi and Zambia and soon hopefully, in Kenya by providing internet enabled mobile phones that can download a patients medical history so that a remote consultation can be given from a local hospital or even, if required, from The Brighton University Hospital where the Charitie’s administration and funding hub is. The phones can be used for training, diagnosis and medical advice in actual time. The overseas medical centres are usually staffed by a nurse and an assistant so at this time of Covid 19, there are many occasions when help is needed. We are funding at least two new ‘phones this year.

We also support the Rotary Foundation. This is a Charity wholly owned by Rotary International, providing funds for many uses including educational grants, scholarships for students in many areas of the World, in fact wherever there is a disaster caused by a volcano, earth quake, tsunami or drought you will find Rotary International and its partners at the forefront of the rescue and giving humanitarian aid exactly where it is needed and quickly.

We lead one of the worlds largest projects, The elimination of Polio. This was endemic Worldwide only a few years ago, but in conjunction with The World Health Organisation, and considerable assistance from The Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, Polio only exists in two or three countries and then by a very small number of sufferers. The last push is costing enormous sums of money, but we must finish this vitally important job or all the advances we have made could be lost.

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