Seahaven Storehouse Foodbank Diary

Seaford Rotarians made an average of 65 deliveries to needy families totalling an average 1950 kg of food each week in July.

Thursday 9th July:  Dad’s Army continues to deliver

Today, we had eight drivers delivering 1531Kg to 61 families.  Food quantities were increased to families this week which has increased weights and consequently the number of bags per family.

Re -organisation of the food bank is still a ‘work in progress’.  Delivery times have not been brought forward as there is a need for the foodbank clients to be informed to be at home to receive their deliveries earlier and at present, they are used to later deliveries.  A letter will be going out to the foodbank clients asking them to make sure they will be at home when the deliveries are made (hopefully reducing the number of no shows and return to the foodbank) so next week may be different.

Thursday 16th July:  Dad’s Army gets organised

Today was a better day for getting things together as we weighed in 937Kg of food and delivered 2,646Kg of food to 79 families, all within two and half hours.  We had our usual goods in from Morrisons, Aldi, Lewes hub (40 boxes) and FareShare UK.

Clients in Newhaven and Peacehaven received letters informing them that deliveries will be earlier and that they need to be in to accept deliveries between 12.30pm and 2.30pm; Seaford clients will get their letters next week.

For no shows which needed deliveries to be returned to the food store, this is being addressed by informing the clients that they will have to collect from the food store and not rely on deliveries.

Thursday 23rd July:  Dad’s Army keeps the supply line going!

Today 2,599 Kgs were weighed in with 1,496 Kgs of food delivered to 59 families.

The big difference this week was the 848 Kgs of excess food collected by Rotarian Ken Holt from Lewes hub (in addition to the regular 30 boxes weighing 387 Kgs) as they prepare to close down their operation and release the Lewes church building for church activities.

It would seem that we will not be able to make food deliveries before 12 noon as the fresh produce (that won’t keep) from FareShare UK, does not arrive until 11.30am.

Thursday 30th July:  Dads’ Army meets the challenge!

We came, we saw, we conquered!  There was much anxiety this morning with a failure of Heath Robinson IT, a visit from local MP Maria Caulfield and a label system that packed up.  Nevertheless, despite whatever was thrown at us we managed to get deliveries out from 11.45am.

We weighed in 2,396 Kgs including 1,601 Kgs collected by Rotarian Ken Holt in two pick-ups from Lewes as they clear out their stocks.

We made 61 deliveries amounting to 2,135 Kgs with only two deliveries return as the recipients did not respond.  By 2.30pm we were nearly done in more ways than one.

We were three drivers down from usual due to holidays and one hospitalisation (not Covid 19), and a request has gone out to other Rotarians to help with the deliveries.


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