Rotary helping to Eradicate Polio

With the recent announcement by the WHO that Polio has been eradicated from Africa this is a good time to review the current situation .

Rotary has been in the forefront of Polio Eradication for many years both by helping to fund and participating in Polio vaccination on a worldwide basis.

Things got even better when the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation agreed  to match any funds raised by Rotary on a two for one basis so every £1 raised by Rotary gets topped up to £3 by the foundation !

Its not just funding though , many Rotarians including several from our Rotary District have taken part on a "hands on" basis in immunisation programmes . This has been mainly in India where which was declared Polio free some 5 years ago but In order to keep Polio in control this vaccination programme needs to continue so we can't rest on our laurels.

The recent announcement about Polio in Africa is a fantastic milestone but Polio is unfortunately still endemic in Pakistan and Afganistan mainly due to to local conflicts and misinformation preventing effective vaccination programmes.

The Stockport Lamplighter Rotary Club has continually supported the fight against Polio with significant annual contributions to the "End Polio Now" fund and will continue to contribute. 

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