Halifax Calder Rotarians move The Calderdale Way

Wed, Sep 30th 2020 at 12:00 am - 11:55 pm

A team of club members plus family and friends have begun to walk the (equivalent of) 50 mile Calderdale Way

Calderdale Way

What is the Move The Calderdale Way Challenge?

Active Calderdale’s vision is to be the most active Borough in the North with a mission to help people live a larger life through physical activity. We see the Calderdale Voluntary and Community Sector as a key partner in helping to create a physically active culture in Calderdale, bringing all of the benefits a more active lifestyle can have to our local communities. Given the impact that COVID-19 has had on the Voluntary and Community Sector, Active Calderdale has committed to developing a fundraising challenge that will centre around physical activity and offer unrestricted (can be used by your organisation for any part of your service delivery) funds for local organisations who take part.  Working with VAC, the Move The Calderdale Way challenge has been formed!

Move The Calderdale Way is a virtual team challenge that will take place from 1st – 30th September 2020.  Each team will aim to collectively walk, run, cycle or move a total of 50 miles; the equivalent distance of the actual Calderdale Way footpath that encircles the borough.

A nominated individual(s) from the organisation will collect and log their team’s weekly miles.  If you do decide to sign up for Move The Calderdale Way, your organisation will be sent a mile tracker spreadsheet along with a ChallengeToolkit including resources for social media and ideas to support your team during the challenge.

For each team member actively participating in the challenge, Active Calderdale will donate £20 to the organisation.  An example for a 25 person team would be a total donation of £500.  As the Move The Calderdale Way challenge  is a new initiative for Active Calderdale and VAC in association with VSI Alliance and Community Foundation for Calderdale,  the registration process has been designed to accommodate and support as many Calderdale voluntary and community organisations as possible.  More information can be found in the How can my organisation get involved? section below.

The contribution from Active Calderdale will be made at the end of the challenge after the final team miles are submitted.  This contribution will be unrestricted for your organisation to use for any part of your service delivery.  If you do choose to use the donation to support physical activity within your organisation, Active Calderdale would be interested in working with you and supporting with this so please let us know.

If taking part in the Move The Calderdale Way challenge, organisations are also permitted to increase fundraising via other sources e.g. Just Giving or GoFundMe.

More information about the process for receiving the funds will be sent to participating organisations at the end of the challenge.

Who can take part in the Move The Calderdale Way Challenge?

This challenge is open to any voluntary and community sector organisation based in Calderdale.

You will have so many supporters of your organisation who benefit from your services directly and indirectly; the individuals who you work with, their friends, families and communities who see the difference you make and of course, your staff and volunteers. 

This challenge is for everyone.  It’s not about pushing individuals past their limits.  Far from it.  It is about harnessing team spirit through activity and creating a support network of individuals who are taking on this challenge for an organisation that they all have in common. 

Your organisation will no doubt have supporters who, on their own, could easily move 50+ miles over a month with ease, whilst for some, a few miles per week might be a real challenge. The Move The Calderdale Way challenge is about how you work as a team to encourage and support each other to contribute as much as each individual can manage.   The challenge may be 50 miles but if Move The Calderdale Way has sparked something within your team and you reach the target with days or weeks left of the challenge, keep going!  With support from their teammates, individuals may find that they can go further than they ever thought they could.  Who knows, by the end of September your team could have moved the equivalent of the Calderdale Way footpath several times over!

Most importantly, however far your team gets, they have achieved something that they can be really proud of for a cause close to their heart.

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