Crocus Planting - End Polio Now

Tue 6th October 2020 at 11.20 am - Sat 31st October 2020 - 12.00 pm

To celebrate the the End Polio Now campaign - crocus being planted

Crocus planted at Gorse Hall and Sunny Bank Vale - also at the "Rotary Wheel" in Ashton

The eradication of Polio is a battle in which Rotary has been on the front line for decades. Rotary began campaigning and raising awareness about the disease in the mid 1980’s. Polio rates have declined by 99.9% with 2.5 billion children world wide being immunised.

Polio has been eradicated almost world wide except for areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Rotary’s ‘End Polio Now’ campaign is ongoing and 24th October was World Polio Day when all Rotary Clubs get involved in Purple4Polio activities

by planting of purple crocus’s in the community to raise awareness of Rotary’s fight for a polio free world, and involving community groups is a great way to highlight the cause.

Tameside Rotary decided to mark the occasion with the help of two environmental groups, Friends of Sunny Bank Vale, Droylsden and the Friends of Gorse Hall, Stalybridge and the pupils of Trinity School in Stalybridge.

The photo shows Tameside Rotary President Maria Bailey, Rotarian Cliff Hall

(Foundation Chair), Alan Pickles (Friends of Gorse Hall) and pupils of Trinity School, Stalybridge.

President Maria thanked Alan Pickles for making the arrangements and the pupils of Trinity School for their enthusiasm in planting the crocus and hopefully we will see a nice display of flowers next spring.

Rotarian Cliff Hall is the first member of Tameside Rotary to serve on the Rotary District Foundation Committee which is responsible for the distribution of grants to rotary clubs to use on various local and international


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