Rotary Wheel

Tidying Up the Tameside Rotary Wheel

This Rotary Wheel was created and installed in 2005 to celebrate the Centenary of Rotary International and seventy years of Ashton Rotary.

It is understood from former Ashton Rotary Club Members, that the Wheel was put together by Tameside MBC. at a cost of £1000.00p. The wheel itself is a rubber compound as used on running tracks and is one solid piece on a bed of loose small stones which are retained by wooden stumps.

There is a letter on file from TMBC thanking Ashton Rotary for their support in supplying a floral display around the Rotary Wheel, which was a good focal point, and which contributed to a most successful Tameside in Bloom Event in 2005.

The Wheel has been cared for by Rotarians for the past 15 years but is now in need of a full refurbishment which will cost around £1,000.0. We have recently tidied the site and planted 500 purple crocus bulbs, significant of Rotary International long term project of eradicating Polio throughout the world. So until we can raise the money required, by either sponsorships and/or fundraising, as soon as we are allowed, we can go no further with restoring our amazing Rotary symbol.