Sainsbury’s score a hat trick

Sainsbury’s, Portishead have come up trumps three times recently in supporting our local community during the Covid 19 Pandemic in partnership with Portishead Rotary Club

This month, together, Sainsbury's & Portishead Rotary Club celebrate 5 years since the launch of the Foodbank scheme in their store, as well as Sainsbury’s recently donating £300 to the Clevedon and District Foodbank and only last week donating a wide range of crockery to Logos House Lifehouse in Bristol.

The Foodbank partnership has been a real success, the generous giving of food items and other essential goods by the local community has surpassed all expectations and to say how much has been given over the 5 years is best described by saying that it equates to 4 large African elephants or 30 adult giraffes!

The £300 donation towards the Clevedon and District Foodbank was very gratefully received especially during these challenging times in helping families in real need.  The Trussell Trust who oversee the Foodbanks nationally reported an increase of 89% in the need for food parcels during April 2020 compared to the same month last year which included a 107% rise in parcels given to children.  This increase has been reflected in our area and Julie Cross from Sainsbury’s said ‘the generosity of our local community has to be applauded and we were delighted to support them with our donation’. 

Logos House Lifehouse in Bristol is run by the Salvation Army and offers accommodation for 93 single homeless men needing support for mental and physical health problems, as well as drug or alcohol problems.  They offer independent living skills, recreational opportunities, home crafts, budgeting, and training opportunities which includes IT.  John Sleight, past president of Portishead Rotary Club said ‘we are fully aware of the commitment and help that Logos House provides and had no hesitation in offering them the crockery that Sainsbury’s gave to us’.  

5th October 2020