A Socially Distanced Handover of Bishopstone Station Planters

THE FORMAL handover of two planters at Bishopstone station to the “Friends of Bishopstone Station” occurred on 30th October when President Martin McGill presented the planters to their Chair Barbara Mine.

From right to left:  President Martin McGill, Barbara Mine, Chair of Friends of Bishopstone Station and Seaford Mayor Rodney Reed

The planters had been filled with suitable plants donated by Paradise Park.

Watering and maintenance including pruning of the ivy will be by the “Friends of Bishopstone Station”.  Paradise Park has agreed to provide new plants in the spring next year.

Early in 2020, Seaford Rotary received a request from the “Friends of Bishopstone Station” for a donation to assist with the purchase of two new planters for the station platform.  It was intended that these two planters would be the same as those at Seaford station provided by Seaford Martello Rotary.

In March however, due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, the project to supply the planters was put on hold, and it was not until the relaxation of the pandemic rules in the summer months enabled an order for the planters to be actioned.

Commenting on the handover, President Martin McGill said that was good to be able handover these planters to the community, as due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, it was only the second time that he had been able to carry out his formal duties as President since becoming President in July.