Remembrance Sunday 2020

Fri 20th November 2020 at 11.07 am - Sun 31st October 2021 - 1.07 pm

Only a limited number of people will attend the ceremony in the Tower Gardens

Wreath to be laid in the Tower Gardens on Sunday 8 November

Remembrance Sunday

Because of the Covid-19 situation the Remembrance Ceremony in the Tower Gardens on Sunday 8
November will involve a much smaller number of people than normal.  In the past the Presidents of the three King’s Lynn Rotary Clubs have been invited to lay wreaths along with representatives of other local organisations.   Unfortunately this year that will not be possible.  However a wreath has been acquired from the Royal British Legion and will be laid on behalf of the Rotary Club of King’s Lynn by one of our members, who is also a Council employee, before the start of the ceremony.  A donation of £300 has been sent to the Royal British Legion.