Club Bulletin for October/November 2020

The Club Bulletin for October and November 2020

                                                   Rotary Club of Cheltenham North

                                                   October /November 2020 Bulletin


We are living in unprecedented times as we, once again, prepare for lockdown from Thursday 5 November for 4 weeks. The R rate is increasing rapidly in Gloucestershire and vulnerable amongst us must take extra care. This means that we can no longer meet in groups of 6 but we must hope that the situation will improve before Christmas so that we can spend time with our loved ones.

Letters of thanks

Following the donations made to Immediate PP Michael’s charities thank you letters have been received from LINC, Marie Curie, Glos Young Carers, School in a Bag and Cheltenham Community Connexions.

Tree Planting

The first of 100 trees that are to be planted to mark 100 years of Rotary in Cheltenham were planted on 24th & 25th October in Montpellier and Imperial Gardens respectively. The Cheltenham Mayor, Roger Whybourn and our honorary member, Alex Chalk were there to help on the Saturday. Our thanks to Sue Jenkins for all her hard work.

From President Richard

I can now update members on an initiative on Membership in Cheltenham Town from our District Team. I alluded to this having attended a Sunrise Club meeting earlier this month, along with Kevin and Sue.

We all realise that the top priority in Rotary International is Membership Development and Retention. We accept that the average age of Rotarians in the UK is too high, and therefore more has to be done to encourage the next generation to join.

It is therefore proposed that an E-club is set up for the Town of Cheltenham.

The key objective is for this type of Rotary Club is to attract potential members of working age ,who are more than happy to commit to projects and community service but do not necessarily wish to participate in formal meals either weekly or fortnightly.

A working party, with a member from each of the 4 current face to face clubs, will be set up to establish the detail and propose how these potential new members will be found.

But, it is planned that all the current 100 Rotarians will have access to the club. In essence it will be an umbrella club for the Town and can showcase all our activities.

E-club members will be invited to participate in individual clubs programmes and when they start their own, the current membership can help on a need to do basis.

We have to agree who should be our Representative on this new venture.

I believe this is additional to the work we are starting on a satellite club for Cheltenham North, and not a substitute.

I, Kevin and Sue will be delighted to receive feedback on this development.

The Rotary Institute held on 10 October 2020 in Amsterdam

The RI Board ensures that there is an annual meeting, in zones, to review topical activities within Rotary. These meetings when face to face are residential and last over 2/3days.

This time they had to be on Zoom and lasted only 2 hours 30 minutes. Normally, there is 1 whole day set aside to hear presentations on the work of Foundation, including End Polio Now.

The Amsterdam event was attended by representatives from 68 countries. And was mostly held on English!!

The theme was Rotary across borders.

RI President Holger talked about the need for Rotary to come out of Covid stronger. Within this Rotary Values remain constant. But the organisation must continue to change – by creating new models for Rotary. And importantly, rethinking what Rotary can be.

This implies new ways to attract new members. Diversity is still seen to be a key need. We have to answer the question – “ if I join what is in for me”?

(But this does not mean current clubs have to change, but we aware of the need)

Past RI President Ravi (15/16) is now the Chair of the Rotary Foundation. He updated us on a few basic facts

For the 11th Consecutive year, the Rotary Foundation has been awarded the highest accolade of 4 stars for charity work and accountability of the fund. This out performs other better known charities.

Progress on relieving Poverty has continued to improve. From a high of 50% in 1950, the level has dropped towards 10% in 2019. But a further £37 million are forecast to be in this position as the result of the Pandemic.

More Global grants from the TRF have been awarded than ever before.

But donations are down and there is a worry that there will not be enough cash to cover commitments ahead.

20% of clubs worldwide do not pay 1 dime to the fund!!

(We look forward to seeing the movement of reserves, once the 19/20 accounts are out?)

Next, it was confirmed that “Protect the Environment “has been added to become our 7th Area of Focus.

Our activity with the sponsorship and planting of 100 trees in Cheltenham is a very good example of promoting Rotary in this way.

We were also reminded about the importance of another Area of Focus – Peace.

I was surprised with the statistic that there are 70 million people, including children in Refugee Camps.

Rotary see their role as not just supplying food and shelter. They see it as providing hope and support” to get a life”

A good example of this is the charity - War child They have been working in Countries around the world for 25 years helping in conflict areas.

But, the most noteworthy presentation was from a very young graduate who has a passion from helping the world survive the plastic mountain and pollution we are creating.

The Ocean Clean Up .com has done great work in developing collection systems to tackle the problem of removing the offending items from the mouths of our largest rivers.

And very shortly, they are showing a range of products they have developed to re-cycle the items they have salvaged.

Governments should support these initiatives!!

So on a damp Saturday morning this was a very uplifting use of time.

Richard Purdon

End Polio Now Campaign – recognition from RI with annual award

Every year, certificates are given to Clubs who have paid in to either the Rotary Foundation or the End Polio Now Campaign above a target level.

For Foundation, they are awarded for the Clubs who average over $100 per recorded member at the beginning of each Rotary year. We started with 51 members at the beginning of Michael Rouse’s year. So to be recognised we would have had to pay in $5,100 as a minimum- enough said!!

For End Polio the figure is more modest - $1000 dollars per club.

And we smashed it with a whopping $1700 +. So, thank you to all those who participated in the lunches/dinners in the autumn of last year.

You will recall the money generated from social occasions, this summer went to International Funds.

And these were used to further support the School in the bag project.

Richard Purdon

Hamper Scamper 2020 Anne Wilson

Each Year at Christmas CCP organise and send out food parcels to those in need .The recipients are identified by social services, Schools as well as GPS and health visitors. If there are any members who would like to contribute to this venture I will be happy to act as a collection point during the last week in November . The suggested items are basic foods that can be stored such as Cereals, Rice, Pasta, Sauces as well as tinned Fruit, Vegetables, fish and meat. Toiletries are also included in the Hamper and as well as an item of Festive food In the past a small team of Club members have helped with the packing of Hampers and have been impressed with the Organisation of the project. School in a Bag

Congratulations to Rosanne who has raised over £2800 from sale of donated items Please contact her asap if you have anything for to sell for SIAB at the next sale. Small items and jewellery are particularly welcome.

Future meetings and events

Sat 17th October 2020 at 12.00 - Thu 30th June 2022 - 23.59 Centenary Trees Project

As part of the Centenary Celebrations for 100 Years of Rotary in Cheltenham the Four Cheltenham Clubs are planting Trees within the Cheltenham area. Thu 5th November 2020 at 18.15 - 19.30 Club Meeting with Guest Speaker via Zoom

A Club Meeting with Guest Speaker Linda Naylor via Zoom Linda was MD of Oxford University Innovation. Linda is also a volunteer for interview coaching for women. Host Richard Purdon

Thu 12th November 2020 at 17.00 - 18.30 Club Council Meeting via Zoom

A Club Council meeting to be held via Zoom. Sign in details TBA later.

Thu 19th November 2020 at 18.30 - 19.30 A Club SGM via Zoom

A Club SGM via Zoom. A review of the 19/20 accounts and election of Senior Officers for 21/22. Plus a Vocational Talk, by President Elect Geoff Fox. Host Richard Purdon

Thu 3rd December 2020 at 18.15 - 19.30 A Club Meeting via Zoom

A Club Meeting via Zoom Details TBA Host Richard Purdon

Thu 17th December 2020 at 18.15 - 19.30 A Club Meeting via Zoom

A Club Meeting via Zoom Gin Tasting with Speaker being organised by Steve Wood. Details TBA Host Richard Purdon

Thu 31st December 2020 at 18.15 - 19.30 No Club Meeting

There is no Club Meeting as it is New Year's Eve.

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