International activities

We support overseas projects in developing countries & provide financial or practical emergency help for disasters.

Kingston Rotary members carry out a wide range of programmes and activities. With local Rotary clubs in every corner of the world, we are able to work directly with clubs in disaster hit areas to understand what aid is needed and be sure that money raised goes directly to those in need.  

We work with local charities who operate in various countries (e.g. Darfur and Malawi) where clean water and education, amongst other things, are in desperately short supply. Close contact is maintained with these charities and grants made towards specific projects which they, from time to time, undertake.  These grants are made available from our own funds and matched by Rotary Foundation which is Rotary's own charity.

As well as these activities, we provide grants to young people in the Kingston area, who may be interested in volunteering for service abroad, thus furthering their own experience, but also making a difference in some of the poorer parts of the world. Various organisations exist, with which young people can give service in this way.

We support the Lend with Care scheme, whose objective is to encourage and support entrepreneurs in poor countries around the world by means of the provision of loans to enable those entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.(see more)

Since 1988 Rotary International and Kingston Rotary Club have been on a mission to eradicate Polio throughout the world.  (see more)

We are linked with the Rotary Club of Bad Bergzabern in Germany with whom we exchange visits and cooperate on joint projects (see more)


International activities sub-pages:

Photo by Peter Caton/Lendwithcare of José Elías Maza a carpenter in Ecuador

Lend with Care

more Lendwithcare is a revolutionary way to help people in low income countries to work their way out of poverty with dignity.

Meeting between BadBergzabern and Kingston Clubs

Link with Rotary Club of Bad Bergzabern, Germany

more We are linked with a German Rotary Club with whom we exchange visits and cooperate on joint projects.