Wed 2nd December 2020 at 12.00 am -

The Spiritualist Church needed help with its food bank, supplying local needy people and their help to homeless people in the deprived areas locally. We also sponsored the TOTTON CHRISTMAS TREE on the main roundabout.

Message from the chairman of the Communty Service and Vocational Committee of our Club to all membersL- 

Thanks for all your Efforts

"On behalf of the Community Services Committee I would like to thank the

Members, spouses, Honorary Members and friends for all of the donations of

food, shoe boxes, surplus good quality (some new) gloves scarfs socks and

other warm clothing items.

As a result we have or will have provided approaching £300 of food and

about 8 shoe boxes together with several bags of surplus clothes etc.

On Wednesday 2nd December our President presented Asda Vouchers to

the Spiritualist Church, purchased with funds in excess of £100, donated

by Members and friends. This will enable the Church to buy fresh food to

merge with the food that we have donated to provide mixed boxes of food to

sustain the families being supported.

Obviously, the need for food will not end there and further donations of food

and money to buy further fresh items will be welcomed over and after

Christmas. Just let me know if you have surplus long life food that you can

donate and I will arrange collection or otherwise it can be left on our


Particular thanks are to friends of Members including Jane, Jill and Georgina,

friends of Penny all from the Nordic Walkers for their generous donations.

If there are others who should be recognised then please let me know.

Best Christmas Wishes to you all. (almost December)"

Clive Rutland

Acting Chair C & V Committee