Community Support

Supporting The Salvation Army in a time of need!


GUILDFORD Rotarians help the Salvation Army Food Bank


Guildford Salvation Army currently provides regular food baskets/parcels to some 250 families in the area. They wanted to be able to increase this over the Christmas period and wanted also to provide vouchers to needy children to enable them to acquire Christmas toys.


Learning of this, Guildford Rotarians collectively donated a sum of £6,000 to enable these objectives to be achieved.

The members of the three Rotary Clubs, Guildford, Guildford District and Guildford Chantries, were all delighted to be able to help the community and particularly such an excellent charity as the Salvation Army Food Bank, in this way.


Major Catherine Rand thanked Guildford Rotary, Guildford District and Guildford Chantries for their very kind donations.

"It has been testing times for us in many ways but without support we could never have been able to help our community in Guildford the way we have.  We want to again thank the members of the Rotary Clubs for their support." 


For further information about the activities of Rotary in Guildford, please go to the website from where you can also go to the individual websites of the three clubs.