975 people vaccinated in Leyburn

Wensleydale Rotarians helped to marshal arrivals as the covid vaccination programme began at Tennants auction room in Leyburn.

The national vaccination programme kicked off in Richmondshire on the 22nd and 23rd , with Heartbeat Alliance staff and local volunteers administering the Pfizer vaccine at Tennants Auctions, Leyburn.

Meeting people in the car park , were (pictured) Wensleydale Rotary members John Morton and David Blakeley who then advised arrivals on how to proceed.

A total of 975 Richmondshire District residents were vaccinated in the two days, with no adverse side effects being reported.

Rotary is committed to volunteering locally and has wholeheartedly joined in with aiding the massive logistical effort involved in assisting the healthcare workers in the enormous task ahead in vaccinating the entire British nation.

A two-shift system has been set up, for volunteers and staff. This will continue from, at the moment, 12th January but it is hoped that The Oxford vaccination will come on stream by then and the effort will be increased accordingly.

Richmond town councillor Ian Woods is appealing for more volunteers for the New Year, when, if The Oxford vaccine comes on stream it is expected that the Tennants site will move to a six-day operation.  He says ; “It is worth stating now that we need to be in this for the long haul - each Richmondshire resident who qualifies for the vaccine will need two vaccinations so this will not be over and done with by January.”


Also pictured are volunteers being briefed on procedures inside Tennants