Club Bulletin for January 2021

The Club Bulletin for January 2021

                                                Rotary Club of Cheltenham North

                                                           January 2021 Bulletin

Happy New Year

There are very few people who were not happy to see the end of 2020. Most of us have never experienced such a difficult time and Christmas for most of us was spent on our own. With the covid vaccination programme getting off to a good start we can hopefully look forward to better times in 2021. There is no date yet when we will be able to meet in person but by Easter we may have happier news. The important thing is to stay safe.

A tribute to Noel Moore Vivien Barr

Noel Moore sadly died on Christmas Eve 2020, after several months of failing health, aged 89. He became a member of Cheltenham North in 2013/14, and very much enjoyed the fellowship of our meetings and Club activities. Noel met Cynthia when working in Northumberland, and later in their married life they eventually moved to Gloucestershire many years ago.

He was very much a family man, with a daughter and two sons, and a “hands on” Grandfather to their seven grandchildren. Noel did his National Service in the Army, and was commissioned and remained in the Army for a few years. He was a very skilled horseman, and was in the Eventing and Show jumping teams for the British Army on the Rhine.

Noel was interested in politics and was Chairman of the Gloucestershire Conservatives for a while, and received a letter of thanks for his years of involvement from David Cameron when he retired from that job. Among his other interests were the Royal British Legion and a Probus club in Cheltenham.

Noel was a very genial gentleman and my favourite personal memory was of him smartly wearing his sash and affably greeting the audience as they arrived at the Princess Hall at the Ladies’ College for our Carol Concert which he enjoyed very much.

Notes from the President Richard Purdon

Meeting on 17 December

President Richard welcomed 27 Rotarians, including AG Colin Gatenby and Prospective member David Hearle.

We also welcomed many Rotarian partners and guests from the New Club, as well as other family members.

This was a very novel meeting. We heard about the History of Gin. We even learnt about the origin of Dutch courage. We were reminded of the changing role than gin has played in our history from the 1700/1800 hundreds. We recalled a decline in popularity of gin in the

50/60s particularly influenced by the Royal family. And also, it’s decline with the mass marketing of Vodka in the changing face of Britain in the 60s/70s.

The revitalisation of the basic product – with all the new flavourings, and new tonics has been fantastic in the past decade.

Speaker LITS brought the history all to life. Funnily enough the more we sampled the better we felt!!??

We thank Steve and his little Santa helpers a big vote of thanks for organising the evening.

Other updates

Kevin and I attended the first meeting of the 4 Club Steering group on Rotary Membership development on Monday 14th December. The news from Sunrise is good. A hard core of their current members – at least 7 – are happy to change the Breakfast club to an on line club permanently.

Kevin will be our representative or a reduced size steering commitment to plan this change and to propose how the other clubs will integrate into the new model. They meet again early in the New Year.

I was delighted to announce that the number of Trees sponsored or donated had now reached 91.

I had the privilege of seeing the Oak being donated by Helen and I being planted in Prestbury, along with 11 other trees yesterday. What was great to see was the delighted of a few of the Residents that this was happening.

Kids Out John Smith D1100 Ambassador

I have received an update of Club donations for the Kids Out Rotary Christmas Toy Box initiative and thought you would be interested.

District 1100 clubs donated £3885, exceeding our target by over £1000, meaning every child in every Refuge in our District received a toy box and Refuge families £25 food vouchers.

Nationally RIBI clubs donated just over £125,000 which allowed KidsOut to deliver 5120 toy boxes containing in excess of £400,000 worth (retail) of toys, games and stationery. In addition, approximately £30,000 of £25 food vouchers have been supplied to Refuge families and this will continue until at least March 2021. Rotary members living nearby the Kids Out Luton warehouse also gave 326 hours of their time to help pack the Toy Boxes.

This has been a wonderful and rewarding effort by Rotarians in particularly difficult circumstances and I would like to thank everyone who got in touch for their participation and enthusiasm in the initiative.

Finally, I am retiring from Rotary so Kids Out needs a new ambassador in D1100. If anyone is interested, please contact me at and I will put you in touch with the relevant people at Kids Out.

A happy New Year to you all and once again thank you for your support.

Tree Planting

December saw the planting os more trees for the 100 tree project celebrating 100 years of Rotary in Cheltenham. Among those planted were trees sponsored by two of own members.

Eric Labrum

When your loved one passes away it often occurs to one that you should remember them in an appropriate way.

Many people are comforted by the photographs which they have taken which enables one to dwell on the experiences which were shared when on holiday or special events. I thought immediately that i should take advantage of the opportunity

afforded by the 'Tree' initiative introduced through 'Rotary'.

I considered many sites that were available in and around Cheltenham. I came to the decision that Imperial Gardens would be an ideal location. Its location is very central in Cheltenham and a visit to see the 'Tree' development is convenient when visiting Cheltenham for whatever reason. The Town Hall had over the years been an important place to visit, and for almost 50 years we had enjoyed a wealth of entertainment there. Jill was very much involved with music, both listening to classical music and singing with various choirs and competing in various singing competitions. I do expect that when we get back to normality and concerts return, i will remember such times past with affection.

The choice of 'Tree' was selected for me, and I am happy with the selection. The Upright Hornbeam is a popular native species. It comprises a uniquely upright frame and has dense foliage. It is slender in shape and suits verges in street tree situations when forming stunning avenues. The tree forms spring- time catkins and winged fruits. Its autumnal colours are a varied mixture of orange and yellows.

It will undoubtedly take many years to mature and it would seem that I will not see the benefit of this, but it remains a tribute to Jill who would have appreciated all things associated with trees and life.

Richard & Helen Purdon

The British Oak planted in Bouncers Lane, Prestbury

As part of the 100 year Celebration of Rotary in Cheltenham, Helen and I thought it very appropriate to sponsor one of the Trees, relatively near our home in Prestbury.

We thought this project – shared between the 4 clubs in our attractive town – was a great way of reflecting the Community work, which Rotary want to be associated with and remembered by.

This is especially true as in the past 12 months, Rotary around the world have added a new Area of Focus – namely helping to protect the environment.

We were delighted to be present to watch the planting on a bright afternoon in the middle of December. Our tree was 1 of a group of 12 and will brighten up a busy joining of 2 popular roads in and out of the town.

What was really pleasing was the delight from the local residents on the planting taking place. And this feeling has been echoed when the announcements have been made in other areas, where residents have been asking for trees to be planted in areas that need them “to brighten up” areas of grass in public spaces.

Every effort has been put into this major project, to ensure that the ground is well prepared, the trees are sturdy, and that they will have the benefit of a watering service in the critical growth period of the first 2 years after planting.

Even in the desperate times of lockdown, due to the pandemic of 2020/21, it has been wonderful to see the spirit of individuals and organisations working together, mostly on a voluntary basis to bring this worthwhile project to the community.

We are proud to be part of this endeavour.

Other trees planted in December included the one sponsored by Jonathon Porritt.

Sir Jonathon & Lady Sarah Porritt

22 December 2020

Lypiatt Road, Cheltenham

Future Programme

Thu 7th January 2021 at 18.30 - 19.30 A Club Meeting via Zoom

A Club Meeting via Zoom with Speaker

Cheltenham North Member Nigel Gilhead will give a talk on;

"UN Sustainability Goals"

Host Richard Purdon

Thu 14th January 2021 at 17.00 - 18.30 Club Council Meeting via Zoom

A Club Council Meeting to be held via Zoom. Sign in details to follow. Host =Richard Purdon

Thu 21st January 2021 at 18.15 - 20.15 Club Meeting with Speaker via Zoom

A Club Meeting via Zoom with Guest Speaker Robin Maynard Director of Population Matters. Sign in details TBA Host Richard Purdon

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