Katie McClure

Katie McClures Graduation

Katie McClure

 Katie McClure gave a zoom presentation to Prestwick Rotarians on her Erasmus Mundus Masters degree in Archaeology Materials Science. She had the opportunity to study at three universities in Portugal, Greece and Italy and completed her post-graduate thesis at the Sapieza University of Rome.  

Her research and thesis involved taking samples from textile artifacts, and purifying dye molecules for analysis. This work enables restorers to better understand both natural and synthetic dyes. Katie’s work bridges the divide between science and art, and uses her skills as a chemistry graduate from The University of Glasgow. It enhances current techniques and analyses which is amazing. 

Katie thanked the Rotary Club of Prestwick for supporting her studies with some financial help. Rotarian Richie Cameron was mentioned in particular for his encouragement throughout. She achieved full marks of 110/110 with distinction, and now has a real desire to stay in research, to study for a PhD in a field related to materials science and archaeology

In line with the tradition in graduation in Italy the student wears a Laurel Wreath which looks like a fabulous custom! Katie wore one with great pride in her living room in Prestwick at her virtual graduation!

Prestwick Rotary President Stephen Cooper wished Katie the very best, and thanked  her for an excellent talk. We all wished Kate every success for the future and shall follow her career with great interest and fondness.