Roadside Cleanup

Your Roadside or area a mess - we can help with a local litter pick

Members gathering rubbish in Matlock

Rotary Clean up!

To mark the start of the ‘the Great British Spring Clean 2019’ Matlock Rotary club have been out in force in the community. 

Members of the public may have spotted members who have been out collecting litter from different areas of our community.  The Club had two teams of collectors both of whom were able to find ‘loads of rubbish’ discarded by the public.

One team concentrated on the many footpaths off Chesterfield Road and the other went further afield to clear Lant Lane and Allen Lane.

‘It was gratifying that various members of the public stopped and thanked us when they saw what we were doing’ said President Paul Edwards.

The organisers, Simon Brister and Peter Wigglesworth had spent some time assessing which areas were most in need of a clean and settled on these two areas for the Club’s first ‘Litter Pick’ which is likely to become an annual part of the club’s community volunteer work.

‘It is extraordinary how many drivers must throw used bottles, cans, coffee cups etc., out of the car window once they are out of sight on quiet country lanes. On some sections we found large quantities of the same beer can suggesting the same culprit’ said Simon.

Al. together members collected 18 large bags of rubbish. 

The club would like to thank Ros and her team at the District Council environment team for their help.

Photo.   6 members of team 1 after the Chesterfield Road collection

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