Local Donations Made in 2021.

We continue to be make donations to local charitable groups during the Covid pandemic. We show some of them here.

We will show below details of charitable groups we donated to in 2021.  Photos shown when available. 

January. We gave £250 to Brockenhurst Food Rescue Kitchen volunteer, Jane Overall of Mange Tout Catering, who single handedly since mid-September has been baking, preparing soups and desserts seven days a week at the Food Rescue Kitchen, Brockenhurst Village Hall. Currently supporting 10 to 20 people/ families mainly with soup, desserts, frozen meals and she makes 70 cakes a week. In November she expanded to set up a mini food bank there used by 30 to 40 families each week. Rotary’s donation is her first as she has funded herself till now aided by food donations from local supermarkets. (Jane pictured receiving our cheque) (report by Tony).

January 2021.We donated to Jane Draper of the Totton Baptist Church Families Matter Food Bank. They gave the following information, "The Church saw a 91% increase in the number of children and adults coming for food (compared to 2019). Some months there was a massive increase- May and June +298% compared to same period in 2019. To date we have given out 4221 bags to 2699 adults and children,105% increase in the number of children, supported with a food parcel (1177 in 2020 compared to 573 in 2019). Each week varies...at peak last year we were provided 80 boxes a week-average now is nearer 50 boxes a week. Difficult to predict demand but sadly food banks here to stay."

January 2021. We decided to give further donations to the four food banks we supported in 2020, namely the New Forest Basics Bank, the Lyndhurst Welfare Charity Food Bank, the Youth and Families Matter, Totton and the Spiritualist Church Food Bank Totton.

Cheque hand-over. Pictured is Tony Roe, Vice President of our Rotary Club handing a cheque to  Oliver Stanley of New Forest Basics Bank.

Cheque handover. Pictures is Tony Roe handing a cheque to Jo Rolle, Trustee and Manager of the Lyndhurst Welfare Charity Food Bank. The Food bank Lyndhurst Welfare Food Bank has delivered to 300 families.They are based at the Foxlease shop closed because of pandeemic. They have helped 65 households and deliver boxes trying to tailor it to individuals needs-these provide a variety of fresh food, tins and washing pods, toiletries etc.At Christmas they supported 45 households with additional food and supplies to try and make some Xmas cheer at these difficult times.

The Lymington Times published an excellent article about six local donations on 5 February. See below.