Easter litter pick

We decided we wanted our first in person social event to double as a community event as we've not been able to do much community work in the last 12 months

When rules were relaxed to allow 6 people to meet, we decided to go for a walk. Then we decided to combine this with a litter pick, as we've not been able to do any community work for some time.

In 1 1/2 hours we collected the sacks you can see above.

We made sure to socially distance while we collected the rubbish, but in the photo you will see our President Karen and husband can stand a closer than 2 metres!

We were quite disappointed about the amount of waste we found, especially when it was clear that people had carried all they needed for a picnic or bbq, but left it behind after their fun.

We even found evidence of a firework party, who had collected their waste together, but abandoned it afterwards.

We didn't get very far during our walk, not even finishing the field we started, but we felt proud of how much better it looked after we'd been there. Have a look at the photos below and you'll see a before and after shot of a bbq area and action pictures of the pickers in action.

We did enjoy it, and have already planned to go back again and carry on nearby.

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