Litter pick 15th May

We spent another Saturday morning litter picking

We're getting quite into litter picking on a Saturday morning now. It's an opportunity for a socially distanced walk and chat, and the difference we can make is very satisfying.

We had a bridge over the A5 in our minds the day we first set out. However there was so much rubbish on the way, that it's taken us about 18 hours of work to cover this 15 minute walk.

We found some interesting things today ; cans that have been there so long they have rusted through, a shoe covered in moss (Helen thinks she found the other one of the pair last time!), various car bits, a portable amp, a computer, and a bucket hanging in a tree we filled with waste.

Most exciting were 3 stickers from the Bon Jovi gig at the bowl, we think in 1996, when some of our team were working on the bar. With the 1997 Blockbuster card from last time, it does show how long plastic lasts 

Oh, and 2 coffee cups with simple instructions about how to dispose of them...

Another 18 sacks collected today, which means we've collected over 50 sacks in 3 litter picking mornings

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