Bulletin for August 2021

The Club Bulletin for August 2021

                                              Rotary Club of Cheltenham North

                                                         August 2021 Bulletin

It felt so good to see everyone in person at our meeting at Brickhampton Golf Club on the 29th July. We need to learn to live with Covid as I fear it will be here for many years to come. The reassuring thing is that despite the large number of cases in Cheltenham, there are very few in hospital and none of those patients have been double jabbed. We should proceed with caution and take advantage of a booster jab in the autumn.

Garden Parties

Our sincere thanks to Sue and Chris Jenkins who hosted two garden parties at their home in July to mark the successful planting of 99 trees. The first on the 10 July was subject to a restriction of 30 people due to Covid but there was no such restriction on the 24th. Everyone at RCCN was invited together with members of the Cheltenham Rotary Club, our district governor, Graham Ogden, MP Alex Chalk and families who had shown interest or who had sponsored trees in their area. Unfortunately the people from Nature First who sourced and planted the trees were self isolating and unable to attend.

There was much laughter at the snail racing – snails of all colours making their way to a ring of grass! The delighted winners received a garden plant as their prize.

They were very convivial, happy times and much appreciated.

School in a Bag Rosanne Cole

I am delighted to advise you that we have very recently sent £1,350 to School in a Bag for the purchase of our Fourth 90 bags since our CITA fundraiser started in March 2020. We have to date sent a total of £5,400 to School in a Bag.

Initially, I had earmarked these bags for the April 2022 intake at Shree Kalinka Higher Secondary School in Tekanpur, Nepal. However due to the unprecedented Monsoon Flooding this season in the Sindhupalcowk region two schools, East Point Academy and Shree Terse Secondary School, located on the bank of the Melamchi river have been completely destroyed. Combined these schools provide education of 1,050 students who have lost everything. School in a Bag are now actively fundraising to provide these students with bags.

Jimmy Lama, from HELP (School in a Bag partners in Nepal), has visited this area and writes:

‘the massive flood has caused destruction at an unimaginable scale. It feels like an

understatement to say that most of the roads have been washed away, bridges collapsed, the houses and buildings adjacent to the Melamci river wiped away and the sources of livelihood and farms dependant on the river have gone under the water’. Damodar Bharati, the principal of East Point Academy, said to Jimmy “I cannot let the future of my students be flooded away too”.

It has been agreed that our Fourth 90 bags will form part of the campaign for these two schools. We have another ten months to go in which to fund the Fifth 90! I am pleased to tell you that we are already almost half way to this target. Once again very many thanks to those who have donated items for CITA.

If you would like to send a private donation to School in a Bag for this campaign please go to virginmoneygiving.com/fund/1050schoolbags or send a cheque direct to Luke Simon at:

School in a Bag,

Home Farm,

Main Street,

Chilthorne Domer,


Somerset BA22 8RD

LINC Cycle Ride Gill Rouse

Sunday 18th July was a scorching day which was when we held this year’s 3 Counties Cycle Ride for LINC. One intrepid rider was our own Tony Pawley who completed the 64 km ride. Everyone at LINC sends him a huge thank you for raising an amazing £885 (including Gift Aid) . This wonderful donation will go to help fund our two clinical psychologists who play such an important part in the care of our leukaemia and other blood cancer patients. Thank you to everyone who contributed and to Tony for his huge effort. At the time of writing the event has now raised £4,700 for the charity.

Return to the New Club Clive O’Gorman and Michael Bone

The following notes cover the discussions between Lyn their Manageress and Mike Bone and Clive O’Gorman

The New Club

Basically, the New Club is back to operating normally. However, there is a very good cleaning regime in place with several hand gel stations around the building. All Staff have also been double jabbed.

It is your personal choice if you wish to wear face masks.


An apology for non-attendance should be made to rccn.apologies@gmail.com.

It is always assumed that a member is attending unless they advise otherwise, or have established Leave of Absence, due to a long trip away or other personal issues.

Also, any Guests should be advised using the apology route. Any late apologies should also be notified via this route.

Any apologies must arrive no later than 5pm on the Tuesday before the meeting otherwise you will be charged for the meal.

Please do not e-mail Mike Bone on his personal e-mail address

If an unusual circumstance prevents you attending, do please e-mail, text, or phone Mike Bone on 07748 115653, please do not use his land line as he can be abroad but will always pick up e-mails.

Numbers for the meal will be e-mailed to the New Club.


It was agreed that payment for the meal and drinks would be made to the New Club by DEBIT Card. Payment by credit card, cheques, and cash are NOT acceptable. Also, no payments for the meal on the night should be made into the Club General Account. Payment by Debit Card also applies to those Rotarians who are also members of the New Club.

The Card Reader will be situated at the Bar. Also, at the Bar there will be a schedule of members attending which you will be asked to sign. So initially please go to the Bar and you will be asked to pay for your meal and first drinks. Any additional drinks are to be paid for at the Bar by DEBIT card when they are ordered.

Note the meal cost is £21 pp.


The seating will in tables of six and will NOT be pre-allocated. Any special dietary needs should be notified via the apologies route.

Coffee will be made available in the Restaurant at the end of the meal and can be taken upstairs if you require.

After Meal/Speaker.

As previously we will continue our meeting upstairs where the usual presentation equipment is available. The New Club will ensure that there is adequate seating available.

Financial Reconciliation

After the evening there will be a reconciliation between Mike Bone/New Club and Linda Pawley and any adjustment made. If you have not apologised and do not attend, you will be charged for your meal. A separate note will be issued on this aspect.

Committee Meetings

It has been agreed that any committee meetings can be held but these will have to be in the Board Room upstairs and must be pre-booked by e-mail to Lyn as follows. manageress@thenewclub.co.uk

Note any such meetings cannot be before 5PM unless a special arrangement has been made.


Both parties agreed to review these arrangements on a regular basis to see if improvements can be made to the process

Cheltenham Wine Festival

As you are aware the Cheltenham Wine Festival will be on Saturday 30th October. Tickets are available on line and as usual there is a discount for club members. Please contact Steve Wood if you have any problems accessing the website.

Future Events

Thu, Aug 5th 2021 at 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Club Meeting

A Club Meeting at the New Club with Guest Speaker Gareth Edmundson whom will speak on his organisation the Cheltenham Borough Council Host Vivien Barr

Thu, Aug 12th 2021 at 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Club Council Meeting

A Club Council Meeting will be held at the New Club

Thu, Aug 19th 2021 at 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Club Meeting with Guest Speaker

A Club Meeting at the New Club Guest Speaker Ben Hawker on "Woodchester Valley Vinyard" Host Michael Rouse

Thu, Sep 2nd 2021 at 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Club Meeting with Guest Speaker

A Club Meeting at the New Club with Guest Speaker Alysia Cameron-Price on "The Work of the Sue Ryder Hospice." Host Rosanne Cole

Wed, Sep 8th 2021 at 5:00 am - 6:00 pm

Club Council Meeting

A Club Council Meeting at the New Club. Host Geoff Fox

Thu, Sep 16th 2021 at 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Club Meeting with Guest Speaker

A Club Meeting at the New Club with Guest Speaker Mark Summerfield on "The World of the Tardigrade" Host Geoff Craven

Thu, Sep 30th 2021 at 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

A Club Meeting with Guest Speaker and Partners

A Club Meeting with Partners and Guest Speaker Peter Scanlon on "The Benefit of International Eyes" Location Brickhampton Golf Club. Host Nigel Gilhead

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