Walking for water

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26th March 2022

Walking for water

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Next year We are trying to organise a walk for water event, obviously to raise funds for water boreholes, but equally important it is to raise the awareness of this real life problem that faces so many communities and children in Ghana. This is being supported by three Rotary Clubs from Barnsley. We would love to try and get as many schools and other youth organisations as possible involved, so they can use the theme in their school lessons or other spheres of International and culteral awareness. We already have two / three schools wanting to participate and hopefully many more to follow

We think it has legs if We can get it going. We can’t think of anything better than children helping other much less fortunate children.  It could be a big event, but we are not sure how to get it moving within schooling and other organisations , other than to ask those that we know, and may be interested. We don’t want to push schools in to fund raising, although every little helps but more of a topic where children gain an appreication other children in the wider world where inequalities are so vast, and literally life threatening on a daily basis. By providing a simple life improving thing, such as safe, clean and healthy water it will transform lives in so many ways. We are sure you would agree that children/young people helping other children/young people is a wonderful gesture and example to be proud of.  

The date for the Rotary 'walk for water' is Saturday 26th March 2022, but schools would obviously do it in their own time or even a set date. We were advised to approach schools early in the hope that it would give the school time to plan ahead. We hope it seems a good idea to you. Perhaps schools could do their own thing by pretending to have to walk a long way for water, only to bring back dirty water that you and I would not even think of drinking .

The poster is the target of the Rotary funding, where there are children within the community who do not go to school because of sickness caused by unsafe water, and also having to walk three times a day looking for water as the long dry season has its effect. Schools could adapt their poster.

With so many schools and communities in such need in Ghana, every little helps. Children are all the same, just that some are fated to live where water is serious and daily life and heath threatening issue.

Please let me know if you would like to hear or know more.

Don’t worry if it's not something you wish to do, I can imagine school life is already very busy. 

Best regards as always.

Richard Galliford,

Member of Stainborough Rotary Club, and Trustee of Ghana Outlook. UK Registered charity.

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