Santa in 2021

We're hoping to be out and about with Santa again in 2021.

Since 2011 we have been privileged to accompany Santa as he travels around Milton Keynes in December.


We usually knock on doors as we pass, so that people can see the float, and we also raise money for local causes. However as a result of Covid-19 we made some changes for 2020 and we are going to keep with most of them for 2021.


We always like to support a local charity and this year we have chosen  to raise money for The Henry Allen Trust who provide benefits for the patients of children’s hospital oncology units.


We are very much hoping that we will still be able to visit Old Farm Park & Brown's Wood, Poets Estate in Newport Pagnell, Poets Estate in Bletchley and Saints Estate & Far Bletchley, with Santa, as we have done for many years.


Except for Newport Pagnell, the routes will be the same as previous years, including Church Green Road in Bletchley, which we added to the Saint’s Estate route in 2019. We hope to add a couple of new roads to the end of our route in Newport Pagnell so our timings may change a little. For more details of our routes, see each event.


As there are only 3 Sundays in December before Christmas, we are also moving our visit to Old Farm Park and Brownswood from the beginning of the month to Friday 17th December.


For 2021 we are carrying out visits in the same way we did in 2020.


To begin, we will pop leaflets through the doors of the houses on each route at least a couple of days before. For everyone's safety, we won't be knocking on doors on the night, instead we are asking you to listen out for us and then stay safely by your door, or on your drive or garden to wave to Santa. We also ask people to social distance from people you don’t live with and not gather around the float.


Although we will carry buckets to collect cash if people have it, we will also have credit card readers to take payment on the night and our QR code so you can donate that way too.


We expect our timings will be different this year, so do remember to listen out. We will also have a Santa tracker, more details about that are on our "Follow Santa" page.


Just like 2020 we are asking you to donate online, which can be done before and after our visits, as well as when we are in the area. Online donations mean we can still support The Henry Allen Trust, even if we are not able to get out and about as usual. We hope you will want to support this great charity, and you can do this by visiting our Just Giving page or via Paypal. There aren't any fees for donating via Paypal, so if you can choose, this is our preference.


As you might expect, our visits will be dependent on the Covid-19 regulations on the day and are also weather permitting. This means that we might need to cancel at short notice, or perhaps to postpone to a different date. For this reason we ask you not to promise any Santa fans you know that we will be coming.


The dates of the planned visits are shown below and we will update on the day to say whether or not we are going ahead:

Poet’s Estate in Newport Pagnell – Sunday 5th December 6pm til 8pm

Poet’s Estate in Bletchley – Sunday 12th December 6pm til 8pm

Old Farm Park and Brown’s Wood – Friday 17th December 6pm til 8pm

Saints Estate and Far Bletchley – Sunday 19th December 6pm til 8pm


We're sorry, but we can't visit other areas we've not mentioned, or add extra roads to the planned routes. There are lots of logistical reasons for this. Of course, you can always jump in your car and wait for us along the published routes, but if you are doing so, then please ensure you follow Government guidelines.


We will also keep our Facebook page up to date with our plans.



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