58th Christmas Collection 2022

This is the page that will form the base of the 58th Santa Visit.

58th Christmas Collection 2022 sub-pages:

Father Christmas Tracker

more Follow Father Christmas as he treks around the Highways and Byways of Daventry and District

How to Donate

more A huge thank you to those that come out to greet Santa and "Chuck their money in our Buckets". But these days there are many of you who don't do cash so here are some alternative methods to donate.

58th Year of Daventry's Santa Rota's

more 2022 Santa

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57th Christmas Collection 2021

more 2021was the 57th year Santa has visited Daventry & District. You can look to the right to see some of images taken.

The symbol of the Covid-19 Christmas

56th Christmas Collections 2020

more That's it then, the 56th visit by Santa to the Highways and Byeways of Daventry and District is now complete. A huge thank you to those that came out to greet Santa and "Chuck their money in our Bucket".

Letter sent to Santa last year

49th Christmas Collecting 2013

more Meeting at the Launching Pad, High Street, Daventry to set out the plans for the 49th Father Christmas Collection.

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Christmas Collecting

back Rotary Club of Danetre Daventry have been arranging the Annual Christmas Collection since 2007.