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From Burbage WI - Blankets With Love

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Burbage WI have been crocheting blankets for the Rotary Club of Buxton to transport to International Aid Trust (Preston) for sending on to places of need. This started as an activity for elderly WI members who were housebound, but spread to all the members and others outside WI. The first batch of blankets went to help those in the aftermath of the Pakistan Earthquake. Subsequent batches are being sent to East European Orphanages. Burbage WI will continue to produce the blankets for as long as they receive donations of wool. Over 230 blankets had been crocheted when Buxton Rotarians passed over 36 blankets (and 154 Teddies for Tragedies) to District 1050 Governor Mike Payne on his visit to the Club (25 July 2007). These will go the the D1050 Rotary Emergency Box Trust in Rochdale for onward transit to disaster victims via LifeBoxes.