How the Quiz Works


Step 1. Register.

Teams and individuals can register online at

Step 2. Joining information

 Registered participants will be sent joining instructions.:-
Including the Zoom meeting Link and their team name and number.

Step 3. Join the Quiz

. The Virtual doors open from 1 hour before the quiz start time.
As participants log in, they will enter the main waiting room. Once in the waiting room,
The quiz organisers will place participants into team rooms using the information gathered on the registration forms.

 Not essential but it would be helpful if participants could use the Zoom rename option to add their team number in front of their sign-in name.
Example s: John Smith. Change to 1 John Smith. (Where 1 is the team number.

Step 4   Sign in early and socialise with your teammates.

While in their team rooms, You can socialise and select a team member who should be familiar with the “ZOOM CHAT”  facility to forward the team scores after each round.

 Step 5.  The Quizmaster.

 The Quizmaster will close the team rooms 10 minutes before the quiz start time. All participants will automatically be returned to the main room and be placed on Mute. The quizmaster will explain the format of the quiz.

Step 6  Round  Questions.
 The questions for each round are read out twice to all participants in the main room. At the end of each round, all participants return to their team room to confer and agree on the answers. The team spokesperson should note the agreed answers.

Step 7  Round  Answers.
The Quizmaster will close the team rooms after approximately 7 minutes. All participants will be automatically returned to the main room where The Question master will give the answers.

 On Trust. The team spokesperson will be asked to mark their answers.
 1 point for each correct answer. (No half marks) The team spokesperson when requested will then use the CHAT facility to forward the points to the scorer for your team.
 Example Team 1 Round 1 = 10

Step 8  When All answers for round 1 are received.
Once confirmed that all results for a  have been received the quiz will continue
The Quizmaster will repeat the above process for the following rounds.

Step 9   Scoreboard. At the halfway point in the quiz, the scoreboard will be displayed on a Zoom Shared Screen.

 Step 10   Winners declared. The Quizmaster will announce the winning team. If there is a tie for first place a tiebreaker question will be asked. The scoreboard will be displayed to show the final results on the Zoom Shared Screen. The winning team will receive gift vouchers equivalent to £5 per team member or to the maximum value of £40 per team.

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