MK Marathon 2022

We were pleased to help out again this year with the MK Marathon

We were really pleased that MK Marathon returned in 2022, as running a water station is one of our favourite events of the year.

We are lucky that our regular Mile 6 station is a lovely spot on the green, at Woughton on the Green, so once we are finished, it has become a tradition for a picnic to round off our morning’s work.

Having run a water station since the MK Marathon first began, we’ve got ourselves a good routine. The lovely Helen D gets up early to be on site for the delivery of the water bottles and we have found some sensible spots where the rubbish bags will stay open.

Lots of our family join us to prove that many hands make light work, as we set up a number of points for handing out water, as there are some very busy moments during the race.

There is a great atmosphere with runners thanking us for our help and lots of them dropping their bottles where we can easily empty and bag them.

We have a number of methods for emptying the bottles, before we bag them up, but most of them seem to result in us getting wet in the end!

Luckily it was warm dry day and we were soon relaxing with our picnics.

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