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What is RotaKids?

RotaKids is a Primary School Citizenship programme which is widely available. The concept is mainly aimed at the Junior School age group, ages 7-11, which is Years 3-6 in Primary Schools.


The main objective is to introduce Rotary ideals to young people, as well as addressing Citizenship, which is becoming a major theme in schools. As with any Rotary project, you will need helpers; not too many, two or three will be enough, but an interested and willing teacher is the most essential ingredient. However, these days there is always a teacher responsible for Citizenship in each school, so this would be a good start.

How to Start a RotaKids Club

A Rotary club may approach a school, offer to help it to set up a Fundraising project, and then let the RotaKids decide how the funds raised should be used, thus giving the youngsters a chance to put back into society, instead of just taking out.

On the first visit Rotarians would tell the youngsters a little bit about Rotary and then explain how RotaKids help both Rotary and the school. The class teacher can then discuss ideas with the pupils in their Citizenship lessons, and come up with a few suggestions. Local Rotarians will make regular visits to the school to support the project. The aim is always for the youngsters to have fun while they are raising money or serving the community.

When planning an event, RotaKids should always be involved in the decision making, such as on the date, time, place and cost for admission. Then taks are divided up between the class, possibly with two or three being responsible for producing tickets, another group doing the posters, etc. It may be possible to do many of these things in lesson times, such as in Art and Design lessons.

Alternatively, a Rotary club may contact the school and explain a Rotary project which it would like the school to help with, such as a Recycling Project, Shoe Boxes, Aqua Boxes, School Pride Days. Then the Rotarians will work with the RotaKids in a similar way to deliver the project, helping with background information and logistics.

Benefits of RotaKids

For the young people, involvement in RotaKids can enliven the curriculum. They learn about Citizenship and Teamwork, and the use of practical things, such as counting money, making posters and programmes, and using IT and English skills. Production of an event could also use Drama and Technology skills.

RotaKids introduces young people to Rotary ideals at an early age and also brings their teachers and parents into contact with the local Rotary club.

Would your School like to find out more about RotaKids? If so, please contact us.

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