Band Concert in Vale Park

Sun, Jun 25th 2023 at 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Wallasey Rotary sponsored a Concert by the Liverpool Brass Band (formerly the Formby Brass Band), in Vale Park, New Brighton.

Band in Vale Park



We were advised to be at the band stand in Vale Park at 12.30 for a one a clock start, and we duly assembled only to be told that the band would be performing at 2pm.

To murmurs of, “We could have had another hour in bed”, we dutifully began setting up deck chairs for a non existent audience who were clearly better informed than ourselves.

Sadly it wasn’t just the band who began to arrive, above us a great big black lowering clouds started mustering and when a sufficient number had assembled and encouraged by the band striking up “Raindrops keep falling on my head”, they began their soaking of the brave souls who had ventured out.

The Wirral Symphonic Wind Band were of a very high standard, and it was a great shame that, after due consultation, our President Elect Tony mounted the steps and brought the proceedings to a premature end.

Courageous Rotarians had worked there through the diminished audience with collecting buckets part filled with rain water and were astounded to find, when counted, that £106.52 had been donated.  Had the sun deigned to grace us with its presence and encouraged a decent turn out, who knows what charitable bounty we may have secured?

My thanks go to the sixteen Rotarians and their wives who came to support us, and to President Elect Tony for presenting the cheque and eloquently “Thumping the tub” for us and the Wind Band who played so well despite the rain.

Should the Club decide to repeat the process next year I hope we can coincide with the same Band and wring more music than rain water from them!

(Reporting by Steve Davies)

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