Social and Speakers

We have a number of social events each year and some fabulous guest speakers at our meetings. We also have fellowship meetings where we find out more about each other.

Members organise social events during the year.  We have an annual visit to the Berkhamstead Bowls Club, we have theatre visits and during the summer have the occasional garden party.  

In the past we have visited the Mini museum, been up in gliders and had a tour of the National Theatre.

At our weekly meetings we have some fabulous guest speakers both in person and on Zoom.  We also have Fellowship meetings where a member organises something interesting.  We have learnt about members favourite film, favourite music, best holiday and many other topics.

Social and Speakers sub-pages:

Competition Winner

Hemel Rotary (members) Photography Competition

more Members were encouraged to take a photograph (none taken previously accepted) and enter members Photography Competition

Annual Bowls Evening

more Once a year we visit Berkhamsted Bowls Club for and evening of fun and food.