Emergency Aid for Morocco & Libya

St. Ives Rotary Club donates £500 to Aquabox & £350 to Shelter box for Emergency Aid for Morocco & Libya



Whenever a disaster strikes, whether it is natural or man-made, there is always an urgent need to provide both shelter & safe drinking water for people affected. 

So how does Aquabox (www.aquabox.org) meet the challenge of providing safe drinking water during times of crisis?


They provide two solutions, depending on the local need. The first is the Aquabox family filter, capable of filtering water at the rate of one litre per minute, and designed to meet the needs of a typical family group. The second is a community filter – exactly the same technology, but scaled up to process up to six litres per minute, and designed for schools, clinics and community centres. Aquaboxes are also packed with basic cooking utensils as shown in the photo above.

Aquabox filters are based on sub-micron filter membranes which are impenetrable to bacteria and most viruses, and which instantly produce safe, clean water for drinking, for cooking and for washing. And with a quick, simple daily back-flush process to get rid of accumulated contamination, they go on working – day after day, month after month, year after year.

The Aquabox family filter was invented by John Griffith MBE, founder of Griffaid and the Safe Water Trust. Aquabox assembles the filters under licence with the Safe Water Trust.

HOW IS SHELTERBOX HELPING? www.shelterbox.org 

         What’s in a Shelterbox?                     

ShelterBox is responding in Morocco, supporting thousands of people left homeless by the earthquake. We’re working hard to get tents, thermal blankets, solar lights, and kitchen sets to communities without adequate shelter in mountain villages.  

 Our aid items are designed to be used for months not weeks. We are using our experience of responding to earthquakes in colder winter climates – like in Türkiye and Syria – to shape this response. 

We’re liaising closely with the government and the local authorities to support people living in remote areas. We are also working with Rotary in Morocco, District 9010 in the affected region and have had meetings together in Marrakesh. They are providing vital support with transport and accessing warehouse space near the communities we’re supporting. 

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