Race Night Revival

An evening of fun for the whole family.

Callington Rotary's annual Race Night had a face lift this year.

Our reels of old races were replaced with live action.

In an evening for the whole family, hobby horses were ridden by younger family members, their moves determined by the throw of a dice while enthusiastic supporters cheered them on.

Each course was different, hurdles and water jumps being introduced at random points.

Winning jockeys were rewarded with an Easter Egg. 

The excitement was intense. Thank goodness for the pasty break at half time.

It was lovely to see such a diverse section of our community enjoying the evening.

As one parent commented "A brilliant night out, and we didn't have to pay for a child minder.".

Best of all, the funds raised are going to support local good causes, including the #HELi2 appeal.

Perhaps we will see you at our next family friendly event.

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