Stand with Ukraine

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Stand with Ukraine

In February 2022, at the outbreak of war, The Rotary Club of Brentwood started supporting people living in Ukraine along with those families who came to Brentwood to seek refuge.  We have collaborated with Brentwood County Council and Brentwood Cathedral .  We have worked with two Ukranian business people who work in Brentwood, Dmytro Karpenco (Woodlands Coffee Shop and the Nest Creperie) and Julia Rojcova (Schmidt Kitchen Shop).  Dmytro and Julia have been crucial to our work, with a close ear to the ground to ensure that what we support is relevant and needed.

Raising Funds

We started working with people from Ukraine in Brentwood within the first week of war breaking out in February 2022.  That work has included raising funds through:

  • High Street Collections - £4800.
  • One of our Members Climbed the Cutty Task for sponsorship - £1342.00
  • Bidding for money from the Rotary’s District Ukraine Fund - £3900.00
  • Micellaneous monies – circa £350.00
  • Quiz in March 2023 – raised over £800.00

How was the money spent

  • We sent over £6000.00 to Ukraine, via Rotary International to provide real help on the ground at the early part of the War
  • Set up a hub at Woodlands Cafe which ran with the District funding for about six months. This hub provided a meeting point for families in Brentwood and from here they developed lasting relationships to support each other
  • We ran English speaking classes – again from District funding – held on a weekly basis at another local cafe
  • With the quiz monies Julia from Schmidt – purchased thermal clothing and energy foods which were transported to the front line in Ukraine

Towards the end of last year we were made aware of an opportunity to bid to Brentwood County Council for funds to support activities for Ukranian familes living locally.  Our Rotary Club submitted a bid for £15,000 and this money has now been awarded and will be spent on:

  • Resurrecting the monthly hub where Ukranian families can meet
  • Providing support to families where children have had to move schools in year which can include after school clubs
  • Assist in removal costs where needed
  • Legal costs – if people need specific advice and cannot source this by any other means
  • A fund to support talented children – for afterschool clubs

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