A Sand Dam we helped to build......

Sand dams empower dryland communities to transform their own lives and land.

When people have access to clean water, they can take their future into their own hands, live sustainably, and work their way out of poverty with dignity. (Sand Dams Worldwide)

March 2024

Last May we joined with several other Rotary Clubs in this area to support the construction of this Sand Dam in Kenya through a Global Grant from The Rotary Foundation (Rotary's own charity) that provides funds on top of those raised by the Clubs.  The Sand Dam was built under the guidance of Sand Dams Worldwide but the work was done by the local community of Kyanzonzo Unit Self Help Group in Mutamnda Village, Kavumbi, Athi, Mbooni East, Makueni County in South East Kenya.

The community instigated the project as they wanted a source of all year round clean water. This water will provide water for households close to the shambas, fields, animals, trees, subsistence and cash crops and create a micro ecosystem which will be able to utilise the water and preserve and restore a natural environment which would support a large area in proximity to the sand dam.

Over 1500 people in the immediate area will benefit and eventually, when the water table becomes higher, other local communities may also benefit.

The local population will be trained and supported in building terraces along the banks to improve water retention and prevent soil erosion; drought resistant varieties of trees and vegetables will be grown in nurseries to create a sustainable supply of these plants in the future; Increased quantities and varieties of foodstuffs would be grown to improve the health of the population especially the children; less time would be wasted in traditional water collection methods so children will spend more time in education and adults could have more time to to invest in community development. The benefits are far reaching.

Rotarian Geraint from RC Caterham is planning to visit Kenya this summer and he will attempt to travel to the Kyanzonzo community to see the results for himself - so watch this space for his report!

Photos courtesy of Sand Dams Worldwide.

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