A new personnel hoist for Sailability Rutland

Tue, May 14th 2024 at 4:16 pm- Sun, Jun 30th 2024 - 6:16 pm

Purchase an essential piece of equipment for Sailability


The decision to help Sailability was made at Club Assembly in 2023 but without any really clear picture of what was needed.  After a lot of work by Wendy Halford  we settled on the provision of a personnel hoist, items of equipment without which Sailability cannot work and which has a fairly short working life for a rather expensive item.  We invited RC Rutland to partner with us on the phoist was roject so that we could maximise the grant available and the original plan was for a £3000 TRF grant with RC Uppingham contributing £2000 and RC Rutland £1000. In the event the purchase proce of a new hoist turned out to be somewhat lower than anticipated at  about £5600 so both grant and club contributions could be reduced accordingly.

The hoist arrived on site in November 2023 very shortly after our grant becaome available but was not put into service to prolong its working life. 

Club members visited Rutland Sailing Club on 25 April on the first full Sailability sailing day and one which was remarkable for high water levels at the reservoir so that many members made the short trip to the jetty by Joe's Ferry instad of walking across the link jetty.

The new hoist was duly yested by Di Holden who pronounce it very comfortable a secure and then all members moved to the club house for a coffee and some hot food.

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