District Governor

Michael Halley PHF

District Treasurer

David Cruickshank MPHF

District Secretary

Clive Bartram PHF

Assistant Governor

Sandra Bartram

Assistant Governor

Alistair Spowage PHF

Assistant Governor

Malcolm Horner PHF

Assistant Governor

Alistair Risk PHF

Assistant Governor

Alistair Farquhar

Assistant Governor

Ann Mitchell PHF

Assistant Governor

Alistair McNair

Assistant Governor

Richard Lattimer PHF

Rotary Foundation Chairman

Janet Lowe MPHF

Membership Chairman

Ryan Bond PHF

International Service Chairman

Ewen Hatchwell PHF

Youth Service Chairman

Catherine Chorley

Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG)

Keith Hopkins PHF

District Governor Elect (DGE)

Roddy Duncan PHF

District Governor Nominee (DGN)

Graeme Archibald PHF

Safeguarding Officer

Alistair Robb

Assistant District Secretary

Hilary Gordon MPHF

Marketing Officer

Ronald Sampson

Environment Officer

Malcolm Rooney


Jim Houston MPHF

Projects Chairman

John Minhinick PHF

Community Chairman

Iain Jamieson PHF

Primary Webmaster

Mick Gordon MPHF

Public Relations

Bob Kennedy

District Shelter Box

Kenny Thomson PHF

District Rotary Shoebox Coordinator

Ron McKail PHF

District Health and Safety officer

Martin Forster

District Supplies Officer

Alasdair Pitt Campbell MPHF

District Euroscola Coordinator

Mike Lyall PHF

District Interact officer

Jill Adams PHF

District Young Chef Coordinator

Mike Robins PHF

District Youth Exchange Officer

Iain Gow

District Rotakids Coordinator

Anne Forster PHF

District Group Friendship Exchange Officer

Steve Gilman

New Club Formation (South)

John Brewster PHF

District Grants Officer

Linda Bolger

Conference Chair

Alistair Risk PHF

Conference Secretary

Jo Farquhar

Conference Treasurer

Doug Ritchie

District Young Writer

Donald Stewart

District Young Photographer

Donald Stewart

District RYLA male camp leader

Gavin Mackenzie

District Learning and Development Chair

Doug Nisbet PHF

District Equality & Diversity Officer

Clive Bartram PHF

District End Polio Now Officer

Janet Lowe MPHF

District Vocational Training Team Officer

James Slater PHF

Conference Sergeant-at-Arms

Gus McDonald PHF

District Fellowship Chairman

Keith Hopkins PHF

Assist District Treasurer

Doug Ritchie

New Club Formation (North)

George Berstan MPHF

Stewardship Officer

Carol Stewart PHF

District Learning and Development Administration

Doug Ritchie

District Social Media Expert

David Robertson

Club Visioning (South)

John Minhinick PHF

Club Visioning (North)

John Gary Macalister PHF

Communications Chair

Graeme Archibald PHF

Senior Webmentor

Mick Gordon MPHF

Conference Sound

Robert Ritchie PHF

District Digest Editor

John Minhinick PHF

District Primary Schools Quiz Co-ordinator

Catherine Chorley

District Protection Officer

Alistair Robb

District Gavel Competition Coordinator

Bill Wood PHF

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