National Immunisation Day in India: January 2020


Rotarian Mike Yates is again making arrangements to enable volunteer Rotarians and family to take part in a National Immunisation Day (NID) in India.

The Indian Government has announced that there will be one and only one  NID in 2020 on January 19th with the aim of Keeping India Polio Free.

The Indian Rotarians are once again asking for foreign volunteers to help them on that day and also participate in the house to house mop up operation on the following day or possibly two days.

Mike Yates will not personally take part in the NID this year but he will coordinate the visits of any Rotarians plus their partners/sons or daughters who might want to have this experience. It would mean travelling from the U.K. to Delhi or Amritsar on 16th January and leaving Delhi for home on Saturday 26th January, or from Amritsar on 22nd January but this could be extended. The Amritsar group would be organised by the same travel agent as has organised the RotaryGBI groups for many years.

For more details, click here for an infomation sheet

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